Name given to Athena after she killed either a youthful playmate named Pallas or, in some legends, the giant Pallas. Athena, goddess of wisdom, is born from the head of Zeus and begins her task of teaching men arts, writing and science. She becomes the patron goddess of Athens, city of beauty and wisdom, wresting it from Poseidon with the support of the other goddesses of Olympus. Furious at their vote against him, Poseidon unleashes floods upon the city which will only subside if the women of Athens give up their long-held domination and subject themselves to male rule.

Pallas , in astronomy, 2d asteroid to be discovered. It was found in 1802 by H. Olbers. The second largest asteroid, it has a diameter of c. 480 km. Its orbit has a semimajor axis of 2.78 astronomical units and a period of 1,684 days.

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