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I was born on March 8, 1937 that makes me

This page is still under construction so please visit often to view new postings. My name is Irène Ursula Vella-Zarb, and I am married to Tom. I have one daughter, Maria, four grand-children, Denny, Nikki, Dan, and Marc, and two great grandsons, Griffin and Dylan. My husband has five children, David, Pierre, Alex, Michael, and Karen, and six grand-children, Annette, Anthony, Rachel, Oriana, Damieon, and Ciara, and one great grand daughter, Ashley.
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I was born March 8th, 1937 at 11 a.m. in the home of my parents Edward and Rena (Marie-Reine Létourneau) Morand , 115 (later 12129) St.Jacques St., in Tecumseh, Ontario Canada. I was the 9th child and remained the baby of the family until my brother Paul was born 8 years after me.

My parents were married on January 3rd, 1924 in St.Anne's Church, Tecumseh. The eldest in the family was Lionel, followed by Bernard (who died of diphtheria at the age of 4 on June 5, 1930), next came my only sister, Yvonne (who died of cancer at the age of 47 on December 28, 1974), followed by Edward II, then Leonard (who died at the age of 77 on June 4, 2007), Daniel, Blaise, Patrick and myself followed, as mentioned, by Paul 8 years later.

My Paternal grandparents were Paul and Marie (Vouligny) Morand, I can remember Pépé Morand very well although he died when I was a very young child (about 6 years old) and Mémé died in 1931 before I was born. Mémé came from Québec.

My Maternal grandparents were Cléophas and Catherine (McCrank) Létourneau, I have a lot of good memories of my maternal grandparents because they lived a long life and I was able to enjoy them so much.

Pépé Létourneau was a man of deep faith and courage, at a young age he lost all of his fingers and thumb of his right hand at Davies Brothers in Detroit he then proceeded to learn to write with his left hand and became an agent for Life Insurance with Prudential Insurance and worked for them for over 25 years because I remember his pin for working for Prudential for 25 years. At the same time Pépé Létourneau was the Organist at St.Anne's Church in Tecumseh, he would play the right hand with the side of his hand that was always gloved black leather, he played the organ for over 50 years and was honoured with the Bene Merente Medal from the Pope for all his years at the organ. Pépé Létourneau died in 1958 at the age of 91 years.

Mémé Létourneau was a pure Irish Lady who was a school teacher from Plantagenet, Ontario who came to teach in the area of Tecumseh and met the young Cléophas Létourneau and married. Mémé could not speak french when she met Pépé, but in no time spoke french. Mémé was a great lady. I can remember going to the house on New Year's Day at any time and her dining room table covered with goodies all day, a true french custom, for all the company that would drop around all day! I especially remember her meat pies "tourtières". I also remember that if you were to drop in during the week and Helen Trent, a Soap Opera on the radio was on you remained quiet until it was over. Both Pépé and Mémé loved to listen to Helen Trent. Mémé died at the age also of 91 in 1961. "Katee" as Pépé called her was gone .... the last of my grandparents.

As a child I have some vivid memories but not too many - I remember more as I get older. I would like to share some with you.

My dad was a milkman - he owned a dairy and pasturized the milk he would get from the town farmers and then he would deliver the milk to his customers even while he was Mayor of the town. I can remember when he would deliver milk and would come home with his coveralls froze right to the top of his knees and he would sit on a chair and some of us would pull them off because they were frozen stiff, luckily he had other pants under along with underwear!

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