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Irčne's Family and Friends Album

Happy Day! October 9, 1999, married to Tom Vella-Zarb

Tom and I on our trip to Washington, D.C. June 2000 - we had been married on the previous October.

Here I am with Tom at the Supreme Convention in Toronto, August 2001

Here is my family - picture taken in May 1960 - at a Reception following the First Mass of my brother Patrick. I am in white, my daughter Maria had been born just two weeks before.

Blaise+ [now Bishop], Myself, Leonard+ [Now Monsignor], my only sister Yvonne [deceased in 1974], Patrick+ [Pastor], my mother Marie Reine [deceased in 1983], My father Edouard [deceased 1972], Paul [only brother who is married], Daniel+ [Curé], Lionel+ [now retired], Edouard+ [retired due to a stroke in 1988]. We had a brother Bernard [second oldest] who died on June 5, 1930, at the age of 4.

[+ Priests]

Tom and Irčne at the Hospital Volunteers' Appreciation day 2001 .....

Trying our hand at goofy golf!

Grey Glamour (hee... hee...) picture taken in 1973

Yellow Glamour (hee... hee...) picture taken in 1984

Taken in St Martens on our honeymoon in 1999

Wedding Picture of My Mother and Father - January 3, 1924

Cousins and Brothers
Charles Beuglet, Blaise Morand, Gerard Beuglet, Ed Morand, Pat Morand, Dan Morand, Mary Morand, Pauline Morand, Leonard Morand, Margaret Morand - and the little girl in the front is myself, Irčne Morand [the earliest picture of me that I have]

Summer family picture taken at my sister's in 1947. I am peeking on the side of my sister.

Morand Family - picture taken at the time of Leonard's first Mass Celebration, May 1956

Here I am with grandchildren - Denny, Marc, Danny, and Nikki - Christmas 1984

Grams and Grandchildren again - Danny, Marc, Denny, and Nikki - about 1986

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