Anatomical Quiz
How did you make out?
1. The EYE of a needle.
2. It was simply a BONE of contention.
3. The HEART of the matter.
4. She needs a HEAD of lettuce.
5. They came to the MOUTH of a river.
6. We're on the last LEG of our journey.
7. The TONGUE of a shoe.
8. The BODY of an essay.
9. The NECK of the woods.
10. A THUMB nail sketch.
11. Vent one's SPLEEN.
12. A RIB tickling joke.
13. He's wet behind the EAR.
14. Get it off your CHEST.
15. He gave her the cold SHOULDER.
16. Take it on the CHIN.
17. My GUT reaction.
18. He has a strong KNEE -jerk reaction.
19. A little ELBOW grease will do it.
20. They just gave LIP service.
21. Who's going to FOOT the bill?
22. You must learn to TOE the line.
23. He made a clean BREAST of things.
24. He was weak and had to KNUCKLE under.
25. She had a SKELETON in the closet.

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