When I was a teacher at John McGregor Secondary School in Chatham, Ontario, I had some articles published in CHEM 13 NEWS of the University of Waterloo . Here is one that appeared in the October 1980 issue:


To encourage familiarity with the names and symbols of the chemical elements, Tom Vella-Zarb (John McGregor Secondary School, Cecile Avenue, Chatham ON, N7M 2C6) asks his students to name:

a) eight elements mentioned in the Bible;
b) four elements named after women;
c) eight elements named after- countries
d) seven elements named after famous scientists;
e) ten elements named after celestial bodies;
f) five elements whose names are of German origin;
g) one element whose name is of Spanish origin; one Swedish;
h) three elements named after continents or states;
i) eleven elements named after districts, cities, towns or villages;
j) twenty-seven elements whose names or symbols are of Latin origin;
k) thirty elements whose names are of Greek origin.

Since then I researched a little deeper and found a larger list. First, I would ask you, the reader to rack your brain and try to answer the questions above. When you are through I invite you to compare your findings with mine.

Tom Vella-Zarb