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November 22, 1952 - Graduating with a Bachelor in Pharmacy Degree, at the Royal University of Malta. Here I am seen kneeling and kissing Archbishop Gonzi's ring

The Ransley Brigade consisted of the author of the Ransley Schorthand System, George Ransley, the teachers, of which I was one, and the students.

Here the Ransley Brigade is on a picnic to Gozo.

Counsellors prepare for campers ..... Camp director, Thomas Vella-Zarb, welcomed Martese Calleja, of St Thomas, left, Mary Jane Haslip, of Thamesville, and Norm Crome, of Chatham. right, to a counsellor training course at St Vincent de Paul Children's Camp Tuesday. The 30 counsellors will be trained in first aid, crafts, and other activities and programs this week so they can handle an expected attendance of 500 children this summer at the Bothwell camp. [Courtesy of the Chatham Daily News - J. P. Squire, photo]

Thomas Vella-Zarb, with Bill Ziegler - preparing for the St Thomas Little Thetre production of "On Borrowed Time". The adjudicator signed my programme, "To the Man who made the perfect tree. - Vincent Perry, Adjudicator"

A picture of three of the grandchildren - Annette, Anthony, and Damieon - at the Nativity Scene at St Joseph's Church in Chatham during the Keep Christ in Christmas campaign by the Knights of Columbus.

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