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My late husband, "Pep" Leo Sullivan. We were married June 11, 1977. He died September 4, 1997

Picture of myself - 1984/1985 - I was anorexic - a very bad and difficult time in my life.

My daughter, Maria. Taken when she was 12 or 13 years old.

My daughter Maria. Taken about 1984/1985

A picture of Me with Maria - 1969

Denis and Maria with family - Denny, Nikki, Marc, and Dan - about 1994

Mom and Dad - 1962 - on the occasion of being honoured by the Pope. Mom received the "Bene Merente" Medal, and Dad was Knighted in the Order of St Gregory.

October 1984 - My six brothers Priests [Dan, Ed, Lionel, Blaise, Len, Pat] have a private audience with H. H. Pope John Paul II in Rome

My brother Bishop Blaise - October 1999 - The reason he could not be at my wedding to Tom!

Friend Georgette Lesperance and myself [About 1942]b>

My sister, Yvonne [deceased 1974] and husband, Ernie Cécile [deceased 1983]

My brother, Paul and wife Penny with their family - Edward Morand III, Connie and husband Edward, and Patti.

The three Musketeers, myself and two girl friends, Marg Bacon and Joyce Fenton - Taken about 1944/1945, 1998, 1999

Taken about 1943/1944 - Myself, Frank and Georgette Lesperance.

My dearest friend Janine [Parent] Campeau [deceased] and her busband Gerry [now a priest] and all their grand-children

Our home in the country - Tilbury - Chatham-Kent - Ontario, Canada

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