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My brother Bernard was four when he died; second oldest in the family of ten children

Joyce Fenton and I [about 1942or43]

Blaise [my brother who is a Bishop] and I taken about 1942

Joyce Fenton and I when I was about 6 years old. I'm the one wearing a furcoat and hat

Marg Bacon and I - I'm in white and about 7 years old

This lovely picture of me was taken in 1942 or 1943

In grade 3 Miss Bornais was my teacher

A happy day in my life - the day of my Confirmation - I was 12 or 13 years old

In June 1954, we went on a class trip to Bob-Lo Island - Here I am with Captain Bob-Lo
My paternal grandparents, Marie (Vouligny) Morand and Paul Morand
Taken before I entered the convent aged 17

Clarise Parent and I were given a farewell party at St Anne High School before we took off for the convent. Here we are with several of the Ursuline Sisters

I was 17 as a postulant - a rare occasion attending my brother Ed's First Mass in Tecumseh, Ontario

With My Maternal grandparents, Cléophas and Catherine (McCrank) Létourneau, attending Ed's First Mass in Tecumseh, Ontario

Here I am in Postulant habit [June 1955] when my brother, Ed was ordained a priest. I was allowed in the car in the back alley of my parents' house to greet people at the reception, for half an hour only!. The little girl peeping from the window is my niece, Claudette, who is an Ursuline Sister today

Mother Mistress StDavid and I - August 1955 about to get my white veil

Ready for the Chapel as a Bride of Christ - August 1955

Here I am a new novice - Sister Marie Reine - white veil - with cousin Claudette Morand, Sister Marie Noël

My sister's five kids and my brother Paul, and Maria at about 7 months in the arms of niece Cathy

Maria's First Christmas

Here are four generations: Mémé Létourneau, My mother, Me, and Maria (5 or 6 months old)

Maria and I, taken when she was 7

My daughter, Maria, on her First Communion at the Convent in Tecumseh, Christmas Day 1965

Entertaining the residents while volunteering for the Thamesview Lodge - Dressed as a clown on Halloween - as the Easter Bunny at Easter - and Dancing with a resident

My trip to Peru accompanying my brother Ed back to Canada, August 1989. A Peruvian Father with his little girl

My maternal grandparents, Cléophas and Catherine [McCrank] Létourneau on the occasion of their 50th Wedding Anniversary, November 5, 1944

Here I am at our Florida Home - about 1983/1984 - anorexic!

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