Chemistry Quiz Answers
How did you make out:

1. The people of Mangan speak MANGANESE [Mn] (of course!)

2. Everything but the kitchen ZINC [Zn]

3. You must mind your own BISMUTH [Bi]

4. You must put a NICKEL [Ni] in the meter

5. Dial 911 to call a COPPER [Cu]

6. After your cat has been run over you BARIUM [Ba](bury 'im)

7. The baby birds ARGON [Ar] (are gone)

8. Doctors amputated the leg but they left his NEON [Ne] (knee on)

9. He bought a new CARBON [Ca]

10. A prisoner who acts silly is a SILICON [Si]

11. Please go to the store and get some PHOSFORUS [P] (phoss for us)

12. I owe Sam more than IODINE [I] (I owe Dean)

13. Five times two is TIN [Sn]

14. The Boy Scout LEAD [Pb] her across the street.

15. He demanded payment in gold because he said he was ANTIMONY [Sb] (anti money)

16. The car salesman was asked: "Did you SELENIUM [Se] (sell any UMM)

17. It became known as the KRYPTON [Kr] (crypt ton)

18. The masked man rode away, saying, "Hi, Ho, SILVER [Ag] away!"

19. On Mondays, all she does is wash and IRON [Fe]

20. The rugs and furniture are covered with SULPHUR [S]

21. They make CADMIUM [Cd] chocolate covered fortune cookies.

22. The chief replied: "It was ARSENIC [Sb] (arson, Nick)

23. He found no water so he was told to BORON [B] (bore on)

24. He replied: Yes CALCIUM" [Ca] replied the Indian (Cal see 'um)

25. Slogan to advertise Raid insect repellant: "Don't go out without your RADON [Ra]

26. How did I find out what teenagers think? I ASTATINE [At] of course! (asked a teen)

27. Her mother asked her anxiously, Did SAMARIUM [Sm] (Sam marry him)

28. Coe lost his dog Bo so COBALT [Co] (Coe bawled) his eyes out.

29. The drug dealer replied: "And here's EUROPIUM [Eu] " (your opium)

30. The deputy replied: "No I don't XENON [Xe]" (see none)

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